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“Over the past few years, Martha Bassett has loomed large as one of the Triad’s most impressive singers, impossibly pure of pitch, angelic of tone.” –Ed Bumgardner, Winston-Salem Journal’s Relish Magazine In Your Dreams review(January 2007)


“When Bassett is playing music, a sort of focus occurs, akin to creating a love with others, and she feels inspired to make the most love possible within that intangible realm. She prefers the tempered restraint of the old jazz dogs, subscribing passionately to the less is more philosophy of the legendary jazz singers…very drawn to acoustic, pared-down music. Bassett’s schedule is now spilling over with projects and touring that would make a mere mortal’s head spin. And the new album is selling well. –David Locklear, Greensboro News and Record’s Go Triad Magazine (January 2007 Cover Story)

In Your Dreams (CD)

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