Get Martha’s New Recording!

We will be going into the studio in early March with a great bunch of musicians and a new batch of songs. I hope you had the chance to see one of our recent shows with the full band at The Barn or The Roosters Wife to get a taste of the new material. If you would like to be one of the first to receive an  autographed disc just make a donation of any amount. We are looking for an early summer release.

On average making a record costs us around $8,000 and any donation will help in funding that as the record takes shape.  As you know there are the musicians, engineers, healthy snacks, studio fees, duplication costs, un-healthy snacks, and copyright fees to consider. As we progress we will update the site with pictures and sounds to entertain, amaze, and perplex you; or at least kill a little time at work!

We all thank-you for sharing your Moo-la,

Martha, Pat, Russell, Fiona, Alex, and Sarah