The Blind Tiger

Those of you who made it out that night know how crazy packed the Tiger was on Feb 12, 2010, the night we opened for Amelia’s Mechanics CD Release Party.  They say there were 360 people in a 150 person venue and I’m here to tell you, it was cozy.  Eventually the fire marshall temporarily shut down the show, marched everyone outside, and let a few back in.  But before that rude interruption, we were able to get through our set.  Wanna see?

Midnight Daydream – Blind Tiger 2/12/10

Loving Cup – Blind Tiger 2/12/10

Do Right – Blind Tiger 2/12/10

Wicked Witch – Blind Tiger 2/12/10

Know My Name – Blind Tiger 2/12/10

Leave Me Behind – Blind Tiger 2/12/10

Kippy Dooley – Blind Tiger 2/12/10

New Vocals

photo by Laura Gingerich

In two weeks I’m heading back to the studio (SPOT on the Sonic Landscape) to re-sing my vocal tracks for the new record.  In the meantime I’ll begin smoking Camels, drinking whiskey, and doing primal scream therapy in preparation.  Please refrain from calling, texting, or emailing me during this time.  I’m busy.