Bees and Bears

Bear attack
Bear attack

Recently my bee yard has been attacked twice by a bear; I’m assuming the same bear but I didn’t actually see said bear.   I had five strong hives before it happened along.  Now I have three weak ones.

This is the season of thankfulness.  As I muscle through the work of getting the leaves to the curb, winterizing the car, dusting off the Christmas music, I’d like to take a moment to give thanks.

I’m thankful for a healthy family, meaningful employment, a roof over my head, a close circle of friends.  These are not small things.  This was the best garden I’ve had in years and my pantry is full of dried beans (several varieties), canned and dried tomatoes, lots of peppers.  In fact I dried all my paprika peppers to crush and grind.  I did the same with most of my jalapenos since I still have plenty of hot sauce from last year.  I accidentally grew gourds, which are drying on the garden fence now.  My elephant garlic hybridized with something (shallots? onions?) to create a mildly garlic flavored bulb with no cloves.  I dried those and ground them into a really tasty garlic powder.  I made a decent amount of cheese this year which is aging in my wine fridge.  Remember those watermelon plants I bought at the auction and planted all over the front yard?  I had dozens of mini melons…easy to eat two at a time.  As an experiment, I grew sesame seeds.  And of course I have lots of loofahs again.  If anyone wants loofah or okra seeds, come to me.  And from the auction loot:  I made a bunch of peach butter, apple sauce, frozen sweet peppers.  This was a good year.

It’s a little harder to be thankful that the bear didn’t totally destroy my hives, but I am thankful for that.  Bears do what they do…Winnie the Poo was so cute stealing honey.  I’m also thankful that I haven’t bumped into this bear, although I’d love to get a peak at him.  I’m thankful that Roots Revival is going strong and that our choir is becoming more awesome with each performance.  I’m thankful for a full calendar in December to keep me flush through January and February.  And lastly, I’ve been in the presence of several young musicians in the past month who have inspired me with their love and enthusiasm for the art that is most dear to my heart (related blog forthcoming).  I’m utterly and completely thankful for music.