The auction


For the past two years I’ve been writing about this great community activity in Southside VA.  It has transformed my methods of gardening and preserving knowing that I can buy certain crops in bulk that were grown just down the road from me.  I no longer bother with the plants that either take up too much room (squash) or that don’t do well in my garden (broccoli).  That makes room for the fun crops like peppers and beans and tomatoes.  I added a whole row of sunflowers this year for the bees.

I’ve never been much for flower gardens.  Beautiful wildflowers grow everywhere out here, so I’ve always concentrated on vegetables and fruit.  You can imagine my surprise when I heard my number called…”sold to #580.”  I turned to see Pat bidding on flowers.  And bidding.  And bidding.  When we got home he tilled up a big section of the yard and planted the loveliest annual flower garden.  I admit, it’s very pretty.  The bees agree.  A couple of nights ago I watched a hummingbird moth drinking from all the petunias; a thrilling sight if you’ve never seen one of these amazing moths.

One more thing that you can’t see in this picture:  I bought an entire flat of watermelon plants.  They looked so healthy and strong, and no one else was bidding on them.  So I brought them home and admitted to Pat that there was no room in my garden to plant them.  He suggested that we put them in flower beds all over over the front yard and see what happens.  That was 3 weeks ago.  Not one plant has died and they’re vining everywhere.  I hope you guys like watermelons.