Over the winter, a new friend showed up outside our cabin.  At the time, we just called her “The Fox.”  She’d make her rounds just before sunset and kept her distance from the porch.  I was immediately charmed by her pretty face and lustrous coat, and started putting meat scraps out for her.  Lo and behold, she came closer and closer, until one day I noticed her sitting outside waiting for her evening snack.  I present her with cat food, cat treats, pork cracklins, and spoons of bacon grease (good for a shiny coat).  She doesn’t mind us talking to her, or even shining the flash light on her after dark, but if we make a sharp movement her skittishness has her many yards away in an instant.  Although I doubt I’ll ever get her to eat from my hand or be able to pet her beautiful fur, it’s enough to see such a lovely creature up close.  Earlier this week, I told Pat that I think she needs a name.  He said, “It’s Lily.”20140403_193345