Writing a bio

After writing all the band member bios (which I enjoyed immensely), Ben insisted that I have one too. It’s excruciating work to write your own bio. People who hire me need to say something about who I am and what I do in their advertising.  Almost everytime I’m introduced on stage, a litany of my “accomplishments” follows, and I think, “Wow, that was years ago” and get that feeling that I haven’t done enough with my life.  I’ve also tried hiring writers to do it for me but you still have to tell them what you consider to be your accomplishments.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to simply say, “She tries to be a good person and always do her best.”  Would that motivate you to come out to a show?

And I particularly like the question, “What type of music do you play?”  The answer?  Good.  I play good music.  The truth is, the lines of genre are blurrier than ever.    I play the music I like.   

I’ll try my best to come up with new accolades to help in the publicity blurbs, but if y’all could continue your support by just listening to the music…..